How To Use Google Home Max As A Soundbar

There has been great interest in Google Home Max as a smart home device. Many people love that it offers more functionality than many other smart home devices. You may wonder if your Google Home Max can also serve as a soundbar since it’s a top-quality speaker with an aux input.

The Google Home Max can be used as a soundbar by following the steps below:

  1. Be sure to get the right equipment for your setup.
  2. You need to set up your connection.
  3. The audio can now be routed to your Google Home Max through your TV’s settings.
  4. All of your other components can be connected to your TV.

When you properly connect your Google Home Max to your TV and other home entertainment components, the speaker will be able to enhance your TV and other components’ sounds. You can now use your Google Home Max as a multipurpose audio device instead of just a smart home device. How do you get started? Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Get the Right Setup Equipment

Different inputs are available on each TV, so it’s important to determine which you can use with your Google Home Max. Auxiliary (analog) inputs are present on some TVs, while optical (digital) inputs are not.

You will need to ensure the cord you buy for the connection between Google Home Max and your Bluetooth device is compatible with the Google Home Max since it only has an aux input.

Connecting your Google Home Max to your TV is easy if you make an analog-to-analog connection (only analog). An aux audio cable that measures 3.5 mm male to male will work. For a more comprehensive understanding of connecting devices like the Echo Dot to a soundbar, including dealing with different inputs, you might find this resource How to Connect Echo Dot to Soundbar helpful.

The AmazonBasics 3.5mm Male-to-Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable is very cheap, and you may already have one lying around.

You’ll need a few extra components if you’re connecting digitally to analog. The Google Home Max has analog, not digital, like your TV. Hence, you’ll need to convert your TV’s digital audio to analog audio to use your Google Home Max as a soundbar/speaker.

It is necessary to have a digital-to-analog converter to connect optical to aux if you don’t already have one, like the Techole Digital to Analog Audio Converter (on Amazon). A standard 3.5 mm male-to-male aux cable and an optical-to-optical cable are also required.

How To Use Google Home Max As A Soundbar | Set Up Your Connection

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The 3.5mm aux cable must be connected to each device’s male end for the analog connection. Google Home Max takes one side. Your TV is connected to the other side. This is the simplest thing you can do.

A digital-to-analog converter and your TV will both require an optical cord for an optical-to-aux connection. Auxiliary cable ends should connect to the aux side of the converter, and Aux inputs on Google Home Max should connect to the other end. It’s easy!

Lastly, I wanted to point out that once the speaker has been connected, it should be positioned below the television if at all possible. Google Home Max’s two sound channels will perform best when used this way.

How to route TV audio to your Google Home Max

To use your Google Home Max, you will need to change the sound output on your TV from its internal audio speakers to an external device, such as an external speaker. You can usually find this option in your TV’s Settings Menu under Audio or Sound. Using the output you are using, you can change the audio speaker to an external speaker.

As some TVs have different settings menus, this can be a little tricky at first. There is an option that will appear once you find the audio section, though, and it is called “speakers,” “audio output,” or you may even find one called “sound output.” Try looking for a settings option that looks similar to this theme.

The problem is that it will not say “Google Home Max” as soon as you find the right setting, so here’s one more detail you have to get right: make sure to set the speaker output to the appropriate port you are using. In the optical method, look for “optical out” or “S/PDIF” as the output option if it’s a 3.5mm jack.

For a detailed guide on connecting a soundbar to a TV wirelessly, especially when configuring audio output settings and port selections, you might find this resource How to Connect a Soundbar to a TV Wirelessly.

Other Components: Connect them all

When using your Google Home Max as a soundbar, your TV should be the main connection point for all of your entertainment components. With the Google Home Max, you can enjoy the best audio quality, whether you’re playing Xbox or using Chromecast.

You are connecting the TV to the Google Home Max, so all audio going to the device comes through there. It is, therefore, impossible for a device to send sound directly to the TV if it is not routed directly to it. Your equipment will most likely be connected to the television’s back via HDMI.

There are a few options for switching between devices if you don’t have enough ports on your wall, such as using an HDMI switcher. However, if you are short on ports, you can also use a low-cost receiver that can handle all the inputs, then output sound to the Google Home Max. 


In addition to being an excellent smart home device, Google Home Max can serve as a high-quality speaker that can be used for all types of home entertainment activities. In the future, Google may make upgrades to make this device even better as a soundbar since it’s still a new concept to use it in place of a soundbar.

Adding sound to your home entertainment system is as simple as connecting this simple device. This is a great way to improve your home entertainment setup if you already have a Google Home Max. Using the instructions provided in this article, you can use your Google Home Max as a soundbar by following the steps provided in the article. Hopefully, it has answered all of your questions.


Can I use my Google Home Max as a soundbar?

Yes, you can use your Google Home Max as a soundbar by connecting it to your TV via an aux or digital-to-analog converter (DAC) connection and then routing the TV audio to your Google Home Max through your TV’s settings.

What equipment do I need to use my Google Home Max as a soundbar?

You will need an aux cable (3.5mm male-to-male) or a DAC, depending on your TV’s audio output. You may also need an optical cable, depending on your TV’s output. You can find more details on the exact equipment needed in the blog post.

How do I connect my Google Home Max to my TV as a soundbar?

You can connect your Google Home Max to your TV by making an analog-to-analog connection with an aux cable or a digital-to-analog connection with a DAC and optical cable. Once the connection is established, you can route your TV audio to your Google Home Max via your TV’s settings.

Where should I position my Google Home Max when using it as a soundbar?

Ideally, your Google Home Max should be positioned below your TV for the best sound performance.

Can I use my Google Home Max as a soundbar for all my home entertainment components?

Yes, you can use your Google Home Max as a soundbar for all your home entertainment components by connecting them to your TV and routing the audio to your Google Home Max. You may need to use an HDMI switcher or a low-cost receiver to handle all the inputs if you’re short on ports.

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