ScreenX vs 4DX: A Comprehensive Comparison of Cinematic Experiences

In the realm of cinematic experiences, 4DX and ScreenX stand out as innovative creations by CJ 4DPLEX, a Korean theater company. While both offer unique features, they differ significantly in their focus and execution. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these two technologies to help you understand which one aligns better with your preferences.

4DX: A Hyper-Realistic Theater Experience

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4DX, as the name suggests, takes movie immersion to the next level by providing a 4-dimensional effect. This technology employs motion technology and multisensory effects to transport viewers into the heart of the movie. It creates a hyper-realistic environment by replicating weather and environmental conditions within the cinema hall. Imagine feeling mist during a rainy scene or experiencing smoke during a bomb blast.

The standout feature of 4DX is the synchronized motion of seats with on-screen action. Whether it’s racing cars, flying jets, or intense fights, the seats move in tandem with the scenes, making the audience an integral part of the story.

ScreenX: A Visual Immersion

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Unlike 4DX,  ScreenX‘s emphasis lies primarily on expanding the visual experience. Rather than incorporating motion effects, ScreenX enhances the screen display. The central screen remains the focal point, but additional projections onto the sidewalls envelop the audience from three sides. This unique setup creates an immersive viewing environment that makes the movie scenes come alive around you.

4DX vs screenx: Technical Aspects

Technical differences are crucial to understanding the contrast between these technologies. 4DX boasts 21 signature effects, including rain, smoke, fog, and even motion effects in seats, enhancing realism. In contrast, ScreenX relies on its multi-projection approach to widen the visual field and engulf viewers in the movie.

Screen and Display

While 4DX theaters prioritize motion effects, ScreenX focuses on an expansive screen experience. 4DX theaters maintain standard screens but feature special seats with motion capabilities. ScreenX, on the other hand, uses its projection system to create a 270-degree view, enveloping the audience in the movie from all sides.

Seating Arrangements

4DX theaters offer spacious seats with various motion capabilities, providing a thrilling ride-like experience. In contrast, ScreenX theaters usually consist of around 300 seats categorized by their distance from the screen. While 4DX offers distinct movement effects, ScreenX relies on visual immersion.

Availability and Ticket Price

Both technologies are products of CJ 4DPLEX. 4DX has a longer history, with 678 theaters in 65 countries as of 2019.

ScreenX, introduced in 2012, has 316 theaters in 34 countries as of 2020. ScreenX movies are exclusive to the format, while 4DX theaters sometimes offer 4DX seats in collaboration with other theaters.

As for ticket prices, both 4DX and ScreenX tend to be around $30, offering a unique movie experience for a slightly higher cost than standard theaters.

Best Movies to Watch in 4DX

Action-packed and visually stunning movies are particularly well-suited for the 4DX experience. These films allow you to fully immerse yourself in the on-screen action and environmental effects. Some of the best movies to watch in 4DX include:

  • “Fast & Furious” series
  • “Mission Impossible” series
  • “Jurassic World”
  • “Avengers” series
  • “Spider-Man” series
  • “Transformers” series

These movies take advantage of 4DX’s motion effects to provide an exhilarating and engaging cinematic journey.

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Best Movies to Watch on ScreenX

ScreenX shines when it comes to films that capitalize on its expanded visual field. Horror and immersive fantasy movies can truly come to life in this format. Some of the best movies to watch in ScreenX include:

  • “Ant-Man and the Wasp”
  • “The Meg”
  • “Morbius”
  • “Fantastic Beasts” series
  • “Maverick”
  • “The Nun”

These films leverage ScreenX’s multi-projection setup to envelop viewers in captivating worlds from all sides.

Comparison Table: ScreenX vs 4DX

Parameters of ComparisonScreenX4DX
Technology FocusVisual ImmersionHyper-Realistic Experience
Motion EffectsNoYes
Screen DisplayExpansive visual fieldStandard screen with motion effects
SeatingFixed seats, no motionMotion seats with various effects
Availability316 theaters in 34 countries (2020)678 theaters in 65 countries (2019)
Ticket PriceAround $30Around $30
Movie ExperienceExpansive visuals, immersive viewMotion effects, multisensory immersion

Exploring 4DX: My Personal Cinematic Adventure

Having watched numerous movies in 4DX, I can attest to the thrill it offers. The experience feels like a roller coaster ride, with every minute delivering excitement and anticipation.

 My first encounter with 4DX was during “Fast & Furious,” and I vividly recall feeling as if I were racing in the car. Subsequently, movies like “Spider-Man,” “Mission Impossible,” and “Star Wars” took the experience to new heights. 

While some effects, like gusts of air during a shooting scene, felt sharp, and intense motion during fighting scenes could be overwhelming, it was evident that many viewers were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

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Exploring ScreenX: My Personal Cinematic Adventure

Stepping into a ScreenX cinema initially left me underwhelmed, as a seemingly small screen hung in the middle of the hall. However, I soon realized the magic lay in the setup. 

While the movie played on the central screen, it was immensely magnified on the right and left walls. The effect was mesmerizing, making flying objects appear as if they were approaching me. During a recent screening of the Korean horror “Guimoon- The Lightless Door,” I found myself immersed in the haunted house, experiencing fear at various points.


Choosing between ScreenX and 4DX isn’t a snap decision. It hinges on your individual taste and the type of experience you seek. If you crave intense realism, 4DX’s motion effects and multisensory immersion may be your go-to. On the other hand, if you favor expansive visuals and a captivating viewing environment, ScreenX’s multi-projection setup is likely your ideal choice.

In the end, your preference will guide your decision. Whether you opt for the hyper-realistic journey of 4DX or the visually immersive encounter of ScreenX, both promise an unforgettable cinematic adventure that goes beyond the traditional theater experience.


1. What type of display does a ScreenX theater have? 

A ScreenX theater features a central screen that resembles standard cinema screens. However, the side walls of the theater are lined with fabric that matches the screen texture. This allows the image to be projected onto the sidewalls, seamlessly synchronizing with the main screen.

2. Is IMAX better than ScreenX? 

IMAX and ScreenX are distinct technologies. IMAX features a giant screen that offers an immersive view with high-quality audio systems. ScreenX, on the other hand, uses multi-projection technology to expand the visual field. The choice between the two depends on your preference for screen size and immersion.

3. Is 4DX distracting or annoying? 

4DX can be intense and may not be suitable for individuals prone to motion sickness, high blood pressure, headaches, or other physical ailments. The continuous movements and sudden jerks can be distracting and cause discomfort. Some viewers might find the effects overwhelming.

4. Can I watch any movie in ScreenX or 4DX theaters? 

ScreenX theaters exclusively show movies that have been shot in the ScreenX format, while 4DX theaters may offer a selection of movies with 4DX seats. It’s important to check the movie schedule and availability in advance.

4DX is great for action-packed and visually dynamic films, while ScreenX shines with immersive fantasy and horror genres. Choosing between the two depends on the type of experience you’re seeking and your personal preferences.

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