How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar

If you are also trying to do that, I can clear your doubts about connecting wireless subwoofers to a sound bar at your home theater.

Remember that you can connect Bluetooth subwoofers to your soundbar one at a time. It is possible to connect both wireless subwoofers to one soundbar, but it is not as straightforward as it may seem.

We assume you had an old wireless subwoofer, and now you have a new one that matches the rest of your audio system. Each subwoofer has a connection option, but only one at a time.

Having both of them connected might be tricky because if you connect one, the other will disconnect as Bluetooth connects to just one device simultaneously.

Connect 2 wireless subwoofers to 1 soundbar.

How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar by

You can easily connect both speakers to your home theater system using the wired option on your subwoofer. You can still connect both subwoofers to one soundbar using an RCA splitter, even if you only have one subwoofer output on your home audio amplifier.

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In addition to connecting them wirelessly, you can connect one subwoofer via wire and the other through a wireless connection.

Follow these steps to connect two wireless subwoofers to one soundbar:

  • When pairing a new subwoofer with the soundbar, pair the new one with the preexisting subwoofer
  • You will have to install a Bluetooth receiver and amplifier in your paired subwoofer to make the connection
  •  If you want to run the cables from here to the unpaired subwoofer, you would need to do so

Your wireless subwoofers can certainly be connected to a single soundbar if you can do this. You will enjoy an enhanced bass experience.

Audio signals are being delivered to two wireless subwoofers by your soundbar, including the one connected to your soundbar.

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Can two wireless subwoofers be connected to the same soundbar simultaneously?

No, it is not as simple as that. It is not possible to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It does not matter if they are the same model if you have one new and one old subwoofer.

Can both wireless subwoofers be connected more authentically?

It is impossible to guarantee that any method will work for you. Using the abovementioned method, you can only connect the soundbar to both wireless subs.

Can multiple subwoofers enhance bass?

You might want to consider installing multiple subwoofers to hear a heart-thumping bass. Take a look! To hear the desired sound quality, get a larger subwoofer instead of connecting multiple small ones

The above information explains how to connect two subwoofers to a single soundbar. Thanks for reading.

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